BHA components

Drilling slide valve kbm 106
The valve is included as a component of BHA. Designed to prevent possible gas, oil or drilling fluid entering through drilling pipes as well as to protect the PDM motors and the bit nozzles against sludging while drilling
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Sliding type cementing check valve
Designed to prevent entering of the drilling fluid or the cement slurry and possible emission of gas or oil from the annular into the casing during cementing works, and for bottom plug guard. The advantages of this valve are high reliability due to significantly larger interaction surface of the conical sealing surfaces of the core seat and application of isolation joint in comparison with the applicable poppet and ball valves
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Sliding type check valve
Designed to prevent possible entering of gas, oil or other solutions through the drilling and production string and to prevent sludging of PDM motors. The valves consist of a body with a conical seat with locking group.
The main advantages of this valve are high reliability and long service life period, which is achieved by:
- simple design;
- application of anti-vibration folding collar;
- absence of the traditional compression springs prone to breakage
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Designed to minimize downhole torque, reduce damage to the hole wall, and ensure maximum fluid circulation, for reaming of the borehole according to the drilling bit diameter and for centering and improvement of the drilling bit working conditions.
Stabilizers are available with straight and spiral. It is manufactured from high-strength alloy steel as a single-piece tool with two connecting joint threads (coupling or nipple) and can be reinforced by hard-alloy and diamond -enhanced inserts.
For order the type of the thread to be specified: M - box, H – nipple
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