Burservice is one of the leading Russian manufacturer of drilling and workover tools and equipment for oil and gas wells. Over 15 years of dynamic development we have become one of the leaders in the design, development and production of equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company always offers its customers efficient, high-tech drilling tools and quality service.

  • Drilling tools
  • Workover tools
  • BHA components
  • Other oil service equipment

We offer existing or we can design new modifications of bits and other drilling tools for specific conditions (geology, well structure, technical conditions, drilling modes, etc.). Constant customer feedback allows us to improve our products and get a unique engineering solution for each customer. In each project we try to develop and offer drilling equipment for the most efficient use of bit and engine potential, providing the most efficient drilling mode and the necessary well trajectory.
Thanks to accurate calculation and effective modeling of rock destruction processes, we produce the best quality equipment with the best price/quality ratio and other technical and economic parameters for our customers.

Drilling tools
  • PDC bits – for soft, medium and hard formations
  • Core bits – for core sampling
  • PDC bits for RSS systems
  • Bi-center bits – used to simultaneously drill and underream the hole
  • Side-tracking bits – for sidetracking in cased and uncased
  • TCI cutter bits – for drilling cement plugs, sand plugs, for cleaning the production liner
  • Special E (peak profile) bits – for reaming the hole
  • Hole openers – fixed and hydraulically expandable

We offer the drill tools for different wells – for vertical, directional, production and exploration drilling. Our product line includes a wide range of tools for soft, medium and hard formations, for different regions of the world. The rock cutting tool offered by Burservice allows us to obtain the drilling parameters required by the customer - high mechanical speed, high ROP, minimum cost of one meter of penetration, etc. Our PDC bits with innovative design have high wear and shock resistance. We effectively customize our bits to your application and develop unique custom bits.

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BHA components
  • Integral Blade Stabilizer – for stabilizing the BHA and reaming the borehole to perfection
  • Check valves
  • Crossover subs

We offer a single-piece stabilizers manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, with carbide and diamond-enhanced inserts. Offered by the Burservice company stabilizer ensure efficient wellbore diameter expansion and calibration. It's designed to minimize downhole torque, to provide the most efficient centering and it is well-suited for use in most formations, from soft and to hard and abrasive. The integral blades and tool body eliminate the risk of leaving components or pieces in the hole.

Our check valve advantage is it's high reliability, long service life, simplicity and efficiency of design.

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Workover tools
  • Whipstock sidetracking system – with hydraulic and hydromechanics anchor
  • Mills – junk mills, bottomhole mills, washover mill, pilot mills, fishing magnet mill, watermelon mill
  • Expandable devices – cutting and reaming hydraulically expandable devices
  • Fishing tools
  • Well stimulation tools

Our research-and-production enterprise offers a wide range of effective tools for workover operations. By your order we are ready to supply the most optimal tool for the most efficient well workover and sidetracking. High quality of the equipment ensures that there are no problems when running into the well, good orienting controllability, reliability of installation, efficiency of sidetracking tool kits with different types of anchors. Accuracy of the executed works guarantees reliability, eliminating rotation or sliding. We offer a six types of mills with high working speed for workover operations.

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Other equipment
  • Core sampling equipment
  • Bit Damper / Jar
  • Bypass valve, mudding device

Burservice company has been manufacturing equipment for core sampling for more than 14 years. Our core barrels have proven to be positive in various geological conditions in different regions of the world. They are highly competitive with the best examples of leading international manufacturers. We apply the most efficient designs for convenient core recovery. Our equipment ensures average core recovery of 96 - 99%. For core samples, we offer our own Core bits with the best maximum recovery rates.

As one of the leaders in the drilling tool development industry, we put all our efforts, knowledge and experience into making our equipment a model of quality and efficiency.

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