Other equipment

Drilling damper udb 203
The device is designed to increase the drilling tools and elements life period, improving their operation resulting from:
1. Smoothing of axial shocks in the process of tools running-in, after making tools connections, and in the event of intermittent tool feed.
2. Absorption of the axial vibration energy, if it occurs from the positive displacement motor to the bit, and from the bit to the drilling string elements
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Flushing and mudding device
The Flushing and Mudding Device of multiple use is a circulation valve, which is able to redirect the fluid flow from inside the drilling string into the annular space, bypassing all the BHA elements located downstream of this device
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The coring device ukbs 185/100
The coring device UKBS-185/ 100 is designed for sections. The basic design of the device is intended drilling boreholes of 0 212.7...311.2 mm and taking to take unsealed core samples. If it is necessary to a core of 100 mm. The device consists of the take a sealed core sample, the device is equipped body, the core receiver, an axial bearing, and the with the proper number of fiber glass or aluminum core sampler. It may have one, two, three, and four core tubes
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